Racing can be very fascinating from all perspectives, from the point of view of the novice to the experts. Car racing is especially an interest among many. But it is an expensive sport and not all can afford the amount of money it demands. So there are other ways of fulfilling one’s desire to race on the tracks- there are karting tracks, club racing circuit etc. They allow people to rent a race car or some even permit them to buy their own karts.

People having severe interest in racing should enroll in one of the club racing circuit. But before that they should understand the kind of liking they have- whether it is for NASCAR or formula 1 racing or A1 etc. for this they can start following the races aired on television or read a lot of magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc. first the research is necessary.

Along with this one could attend the kart races in the clubs or the karting areas, take up little jobs there to gather more information. They could strike up a little conversation with the drivers, see how the engineers work, learn the training process, observe the crew, the track officials etc. interaction and observation is an important part.

Once a person has decided to learn to become a racing car driver, they could join a club for this purpose. A club offers the novice, the kind of car that is desired for. These cars don’t need to be bought, they can just be rented. Race car rentals can be a good way to kick start the process of becoming a race car driver.

After one has rent a race car one needs to focus on becoming a good driver rather than just becoming a random racer. Just being able to drive does not make one a “good” racer. The proper techniques have to be learnt for this. Understanding of the basics of driving, the mechanics behind the car and advanced methods of driving a race car are equally important issues.

Since the car is on rent they are careful about its protection. Not only the protection of the car, the club is concerned about the safety of the driver equally. For this reason two things are ensured: firstly the safety equipments are all provided by the club, for the safety of the body, head, legs and other body parts of the driver.

All kinds of first aid facilities are also available, since once the training progresses, drivers tend to pull up higher speed than they would have dared to at the initial phase.

Secondly, rigorous driver training is provided before the driver transforms into a racer. Experts and professionals are hired for the purpose of training the drivers. They teach them the right techniques of driving while rushing with the car at extreme high speeds, create awareness about the details of the cars and of course about the safety rules as well.

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