There are a lot of businesses listed on the internet. Some of these websites are sponsored by large businesses whose aim is to sell extra products to potential business buyers and sellers. Products that they sell include services to business brokers, business financing, and various resources for entrepreneurs. Buying a Florida business for sale I feel working with good tools will help you obtain a good result.

A good website that actively lists businesses for sale can help you find the right opportunities. Remember that business for sale websites are mostly funded by business brokers, sellers, and franchisors. This means that the business seller that pays the most money gets the biggest spot on the website. Obviously these websites make no representations as to whether the businesses for sale have accurate financials or are really viable businesses.

Here is a list of my personal favorites of websites that list business for sale. I am listing these favorites as a business buyer – not a business broker. Just as a disclaimer – I have not been compensated from any of these websites. I can’t list the URL’s so to visit the website just put www and a .com after each of the companies (no spaces in the name).

1. Global Bx – Global Bx claims to have over 32,000 businesses for sale. Global Bx is not the largest website with listings; however they do have a great article base. I ranked Global Bx higher than other websites because of their business tools. Global Bx also has some great resources for business buyers and not just business sellers.

2. Biz Buy Sell – Biz Buy Sell claims to have over 50,000 businesses for sale. They are the largest web site listing for businesses for sale. Biz Buy Sell has a great community forum and other resources to help new business buyers ask questions.

3. Website Properties- I believe this is the best resource for finding a web based business for sale. This is the only resource that I’ve found that lists web based businesses only. They offer an affiliate program that compensates people 2.5 % of the commissions paid.

4. Bizquest- Bizquest does not post how many active listings they have. My favorite part of Bizquest is Richard Parker’s blog. Richard is a business broker and he has created an excellent resource on teaching people how to buy a business.

5. Franchise Gator – Franchise Gator lists only new franchise opportunities, not existing franchises. Their lists are very comprehensive; I’ve found every franchise I’ve ever heard of on this website. They also do offer a referral to a franchise consulting service. Franchise Gator made the bottom of my list because there are very few tools to help business buyers learn about buying a franchise.


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