The Vivo Y11 offers a host of useful features that make it an exciting smartphone in the market. This device comes loaded with great hardware and software, like Super AMOLED touch screen, optical image stabilization, and panoramic camera. It also has a powerful QWERTY keyboard, in contrast to the Android user interface, which is not easy to use and cumbersome to look at. It’s loaded with innovative applications such as Google Maps, which helps you get where you are going. This gives it a distinct advantage over the competition.

When compared to other smartphone brands, the vizio y11 easily holds its own with respect to high resolution, screen size, high battery capacity, and weight. The only thing it cannot do is beat the iPhone or any other device in terms of connectivity. However, the good news is that it does come close with respect to some other smartphone brands that have been selling phones with similar specifications for quite some time now.

The vivo y11 has all the major connectivity options that other smartphones have to offer. Connectivity options on this handset include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, micro USB, GPS, MMS, aptitude sensor, stylus, heart rate monitor, and others. Some of the connectivity options come in a bundle with the smartphone, while some must be purchased separately. Sensors in the phone have an accelerometer, an ambient light sensor, a compass/magnetometer, a finger print sensor, a high resolution camera, a micro USB, and an Adreno 4014 processor.

The battery life of the vivo y11 is quite long which is a significant plus point for any smartphone. With a battery capacity of nineteen thousand lithium polymer cells, this handset can keep users on the go for quite some time despite the heavy graphics load the mobile games may demand from the system. It is also capable of supporting HD video and audio.

In terms of performance, the vivo y11 scores quite high in the smartphone race today. It is equipped with the most advanced processing engine in the market today, the Cortex-A7. This particular engine is based on the Android operating system that has been adapted to run efficiently on the SoC. This engine allows the smartphone to launch multiple apps at once, allowing multi-tasking on one single screen. This enables the user to easily browse different social networking and internet based apps simultaneously with his or her smartphone.

For those looking for a budget friendly smartphone, the vivo y11 price is a decent amount for an efficient device. It comes with features that come at an affordable price while at the same time, allowing the user to enjoy the latest high-end technologies in the market. vivo y11  The all-metal body and the octa-core MSMq that run the device are quite light and slim enough that it fits well into the palm of your hand. This is one of the best examples of how low cost does not necessarily mean poor quality when it comes to mobiles like this.


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