Return man 3 unblocked game is a hard, fast paced and exciting game that you don’t want to miss. Although it is very difficult and frustrating at times (that’s what makes it fun), you can always improve your skills by playing over and over again (some people have played more than 2000 games).

Whenever I play this game, I can never predict the outcome because there are so many different strategies that one can use to complete the levels.

Objects of the Game:

The object of the game is for you to get as far away from the starting point without getting caught or killed by zombies, landmines, etc. You do this by running up walls/fences/cliffs using your space bar and then juking around on top of them to make you invinsible for a few seconds. 

Once you touch the ground again, you must quickly run in the opposite direction of zombies. There are also obstacles that slow you down, like landmines and fallen trees, so they will have to be avoided as well (use your space bar).

In order to stay alive as long as possible, it is best not to collect power-ups because they can actually put a target on your back and make it harder for you. Power-ups give away your location on the map by making a loud sound when collected or used.

The longer you last without being caught by zombies/blow up from mines, the more points you score (the max amount of points achievable is 75000 pts). You can also use the arrow keys for directional control, and you run faster with the down key, but you cannot stop running.

Returnman 3 unblocked is a great game

Overall, Returnman 3 unblocked is a great game to play because it has various obstacles that make the game challenging and fun at the same time. The only thing lacking from this game is better graphics. 

I find myself wishing there was more of a variety in environments besides just open fields and snow covered hills. All in all though, it is one of those games that leaves me wanting more once I reach that 75000 pt mark (and when I do get to 75k my high score ends up resetting


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