Canadian pharmacies are now able to fill prescriptions like never before. They are not only serving a large domestic market, but they also cater to American clients. These Canadian pharmacies fill prescriptions for everything, from common colds to managing blood pressure.
They can usually access prescriptions from Canadian doctors for Canadian patients. But what about patients who reside across the border in the USA? A Canadian doctor may rewrite the prescription from his US counterpart in order to legalize the entire process of filing. Unlicensed pharmacies don’t need prescriptions. They can simply name the drug and ship it to you. These pharmacies have been brought under the scanner by authorities in both the USA and Canada due to a lack of basic business ethics.

There are concerns in the USA about the potential danger to patients from counterfeit drugs being sold. These drugs could contain inert ingredients, which can pose significant health risks for the consumer. Sometimes, legitimate drugs that were not expired have been sold to unlicensed retailers on the internet. canadian pharmacy Instances of improperly made drugs have in addition come to light.

According to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), physicians must conduct a physical examination and discuss the risks and capabilities of a drug before they can prescribe it. However, this was not the case in many Canadian pharmacies. This was also possible because of the willingness of desperate patients in the United States to purchase anything cheaply for various ailments, without worrying about its side effects.

Many Canadian pharmacies still have many procedures in place to get trust with customers who are located in the US. The most notable of these procedures is the arrangement for a Canadian-based physician to visit the US patient for an examination and fill out a prescription. All this is happening as Canadian businesses grow. Canadian companies are filling prescriptions like never before. Some companies claim to have filled more than 3000 prescriptions per day, which indicates the size of the business that these pharmacies can cater to.

It seems, despite the many measures taken to regulate these pharmacies it is still possible for these businesses to continue experiencing healthy growth.


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